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Esteemed shareholders, customers and employees,


Our group name Deyari means, “gift.” Company’s founder, honorary president, my beloved father Yusuf Kochar, established and named the company in1980. His goal was to ensure the development of the region and country, to have continuous development with qualified and innovative perspective, to build new values to existing moral foundations while respecting and preserving country’s values and heritage.


Today Company mainly operates in petroleum and derivatives products and their main and sub segment products in energy sector, battery sector and international logistic services.


I would like to say we will continue to create value for our subsidiaries and countries. In an era that world, especially emerging countries like Iraq, has considerable political uncertainty; we were able to perform successfully.


We will continue to have partnerships and long-term projects with leading energy companies and will continue to contribute our country’s stability with production and distribution.


I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincerest gratitude to our greatest strength, our employees for their dedicated efforts as well as our distribution and sales channels. I would also like to thank to all our global energy and petroleum sector partners that we signed Macro Distributorship agreement, for their continuous support and experience.

Najman Kochar

CEO & Vice Chairman



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