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One of the most important requirements of quality service is to establish a regular and permanent distribution network between suppliers and consumers.


With our expanding distribution network, we provide solutions to many regions of the Middle East and Africa: all of the brands we supply are delivered from our warehouses to branches, distributors and all sales points free of charge.


Fundamentals of our Distribution Network in Iraq.


We deliver goods to many parts of Iraq in a timely and safe manner with our trucks.

Our distribution network covers an area of 437,072 km². We deliver to all Iraq within 24 hours from Zakho headquarters and other 4 separate local offices.


With its homogeneous branch network and logistical processes, Deyari Group continues its delivery and services in Iraq without interruption.

Deyari Group that has a widespread service and distribution network in Middle East countries, it offers the best service to the customers along with its effective technology and high quality industrial brands.


 The factors that differentiate and enable us to deliver on time and smoothly are:

• Our central warehouse in Mersin / Turkey that is extended over 5.000m² as a closed area while the opened area is 10.000m²

• Another central warehouse in Zakho / Iraq with a total of 10.000 m² closed area and 25.000 m² as opened area supported by extra 6 distribution warehouses.

• Distribution Warehouses: In Erbil 5 warehouses 5.000m² closed 5.000m² open area, and 3 other regions warehouses total 5.000m² closed 5.000 m2 open area

• Total closed area is 25.000 m² while 45.000 m² as opened transit distribution area

• Huge warehouse capacity over 25,000 tons.

• A number of companies and branches in different locations that are addressed and directed from the centeral location.

• More than 100 wholesale distributors.

• After-sales technical support and available customer services, aligned with our  experienced engineers and technicians in the field.

• 170 qualified and experienced personnel and managers.


Corporate is essential in all our branches.


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