Human Resources

Deyari Group’s Basic Human Resources Policy:


Treat employees without discriminating race, color, gender, beliefs, marital status, and age, ethnicity treats all candidates and employees equally. Company provides various opportunities to all employees depending on their potential and ability.


Encourages employees, gives promotions and rewards in all stages. Uses performance management to evaluate personnel and management depending on targets, remediation of personnel, motivation, communication, improvement, identify basic training/education needs and to reward employees depending on their performance.


Deyari Group gives great importance to strengthen corporate reputation, to create brand awareness; company invests and values human resources while supporting business strategies. Group pays attention to develop new systems for occupational safety and develop strategies for secure, transparent, scrupulous, respectful, trustful relationships and create jobs.


Our production, import, export, supply chain and logistics management relies on; following market developments, informing our colleagues about strategic planning cycles, to have available products, promotion activity, to have maximum amount of sales by increasing the sales activities and pricing. Create value suggestions for customer groups, develop a very good relationship with customers, technical support after and before sales, and have accounting and commercial process.


Gives great importance to choose the professional and dynamic human resources that are suitable company’s culture and targets, gives training to help self-improvement and evaluates their efficiency. After performance measurement- prepared to establish high performance organization, based on competencies and objectives- Company offers career opportunities to its employees with implementation and management policy.


A main criterion in our recruitment process is to create harmony with our corporate culture and values. Competency, technical information and motivation for all positions are also evaluated. Except technical positions, grades and graduated section is not considered. Since we are a global company, being open to work in different cities and countries is important for us.


In addition to our competency based interview process, our recruitment process consists of English, Arabic, Kurdish language tests, talent tests, teamwork and simulations.


Recruitment process is as follows:


  • Scan
  • Competency based interview
  • Language tests
  • Reference Checks
  • Job offers
  • Informing candidates
  • Presentation and orientation.
  • In total 150 employees work within Deyari Group Companies.


Our commercial career units


  • Undertaking and Procurement Services
  • Commercial Distribution/Production
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Procurement and Distribution
  • Trading
  • Technic Career
  • Supply Chain


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