Our Values

One of Deyari Group’s unrelieved values is being respectful and then being commercially and socially ethical.


Within years, the group has added other principles to main two values:


These Values are:


- To provide the best quality products and services to our customers.

- To develop in a dynamic way and to improve our infrastructure to adopt changes to reach corporate success.

- To make difference and to be a leader in its operation area and have long term /stable managers and employees.

- To have impartial relationship with each other and with our partners is important part of our success.

- To be aware of cultural and regional differences and see them as an advantage and positive value.

- We only make promises that we can keep.

- Thanks to our respectful reputation, we reach success with sustainable relations.

- We are aware that fairness, empathy, and be sensitivity are indispensable factors of studious relationships, therefore, we encourage, help and support our employees.

- To behave our partners as we wish to be treated and be trustful and fair.


Deyari Group in Iraq one of the Middle East’s most rapidly developing and growing country, it has become our tradition to have partnerships with global leader companies in their areas.


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