Technical Maintenance and Service

Deyari Technical Maintenance and Service is an expert on modern diesel technology and injection system. Any type and design of diesel engine, injectors, and pump renewal service is provided by Delphi brand.


In the technical implementation of the fuel injector and pump systems high-tech materials and equipment are used. Experience and knowledge of logistics services, test equipment with current technology and trained staff, original spare parts for all vehicles, experience and quality makes our services different. Our principle as Technique Diesel Service is to provide customer oriented service with professional stuff, strong technical infrastructure, with affordable prices.


What makes Technique Diesel Service services different from the others are:


* Our highly skilled, regular trained technicians

* To specialized information for most of the vehicle engines and models.

* Last fault detection technology and testing

* Large special tools and equipment

* High-performance hardware and software,

* Diesel service with the latest technology,

* Delphi diesel spare parts in original equipment quality.



Fuel Injection Systems: High-tech engine management systems are controlled with high tech test equipment.


Diesel Technology

Trained personnel do control and repair of diesel systems with original equipment system and spare parts.



All kinds of mechanical repairs are made using original spare parts with trained stuff.



From ignition system to your alarm, all electricity system is controlled and repaired professionally.



All kinds of mechanical repairs and control is made to Air conditioning and heating system in your vehicle to provide a comfortable environment


Exhaust Emission Control

Diesel vehicle exhaust emission control is done with existing equipment in our services.


Carbon Clean Practices

Carbon Clean Applications, cleaning disposal of pollutants accumulated in the syringe, are performed to prevent decline diesel engine performance.



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