Varta Batteries

Varta Iraq Macro Distributorship Agreement with Johnson Controls International


During 2000’s due to the increasing battery demand in Middle East, Deyari Group decided to expand its operations in battery sector.

Deyari Group, in accordance with understanding of continuous reliable supply management, has started negotiations with world’s number one battery producer Johnson Controls International (JCI) regarding Varta brand batteries in 2011 with their partner Enak Iraq company (partnership was built with Aksoy Holding A.Ş. in 2009). As a result of this negotiation, Iraq Macro Distributor Agreement was signed for sale of Delphi brand batteries as well as Varta batteries. Since 2012, Deyari Group is selling Varta batteries in Iraq.

Aksoy middle east is part of Aksoy Holding and Deyari Group Partnership Company.

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