About Us

Deyari Group that has been started as a family business in the 1980s, continues its adventure as an international company today.

Since the early begining of 2000, Deyari Group has started running the activities of petroleum products, power systems and filter production with a strong and dynamic structure especially in the Middle East and sales figures reached in Africa and the highest customer satisfaction. Deyari Group operates in Turkey’s commercial city, Istanbul.

In the present and from Istanbul / Turkey that is located in the center of the world, Deyari Group provids services to the whole world in the fields of export, import and logistics. Due to the initiatives that Deyari Group does, It rises on solid foundations in its sector.

Deyari Group has an annual 10,000 tons of mineral oil and grease production facility and a total of 25,000 m² closed and 45,000 m² open storage areas, and it expands its facilities and warehouses to meet the global needs .

Deyari Group, which always adopts the best understanding in production and service; In addition to its agreements with leading companies in the world such as Shell, Castrol, Johnson Controls – Varta.