CEO’s Message

Our company was named and founded in 1980 by my father, Yousuf Kochar, founder and Honorary President.

Our aim is to keep up with the continuous development in the country and the region with a qualified and innovative perspective, to build new values by respecting the existing moral foundations, protecting the values and heritage of the country.

Today, the activity of the company is mainly on the main and sub segments of petroleum and petroleum products, products in the energy sector, battery sector and international logistics services.

I would like to say that our affiliates are growing steadily and we continue to produce values for the countries we work in.
In today’s world, we have achieved great success despite significant political uncertainties, especially in a developing country like Iraq.
Partnerships and projects established with leading energy companies to contribute to the stability of our country will continue in the long term.

I would like to thank our employees, our dealers and our sales channels for their devoted efforts. I would also like to thank the companies we signed macro distributorship agreements in the global energy and petroleum products sectors.

Yours truly ;
Najman Kochar
CEO & Vice President