Human Resources

Due to the fact that Deyari Group has gained an international organizational structure in recent years, it has many employees from different nations. While evaluating each of our employees under equal conditions, we have the most proper criterias that we consider :

– Awareness that it is part of the big structure. Compatibility with other colleagues ” Teamwork “.

– Being solution oriented. In the face of a problem, don’t try to overcome it. Asking for help if necessary.

– To be in continuous development and to support other colleagues in this direction. Being open to innovations, taking into account the criticism of others. ” Be constructive” .

– Being result-oriented. Termination of the work done in an error-free and minimum time.

-Customer relationship. Showing the required respect to the customer. Achieving customer satisfaction and loyalty within the framework of business ethics.

Recruitment Process

Candidates whose resumes seem appropriate after the application are subjected to an oral interview.

During the oral interview, he is subject to a discussion about the suitability and personality of the department he applies to. After the interviews with the candidates, suitable candidates are re-elected and invited to a final meeting. After this meeting, it is selected as the most suitable for our company and joins the Deyari Group.


While determining the performance management system, our company supports our employees to reveal their potential at the highest point. For this purpose, the data received from the system of the company; It is used in the implementation of training and development, career management and wage management policies. The personnel needed for the expertise and management staff are tried to be met primarily from our internal resources.