Deyari Company


Deyari Group’s first company Deyari Company was built in Northern Iraq. In 1980s, when Iraq has very challenging environment with limited conditions, company was built on family owned area aiming to respect commercial, social, and moral values, to preserve heritage and values of the country. Deyari meaning “gift” was the first company started to operate.


Company with “Deyari Company” commercial title started its commercial activities in North Iraq-Zhao. Company start to attend purchasing goods tenders for public institutions and foreign companies from national and international markets. Group imported and exported construction, iron, steel and concrete sector main and sub segment products food from Turkey, Iran, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon and started to provide commercial sale and storage services.

After a while, due to geopolitical location and increasing demand for goods and services, company had to find alternative routes to deliver goods and services on time to correct places. Within this approach, to keep supply chain management and logistic services under company’s control, company wanted to expand its international highway and national transportation service networks and Deyari Turkey Logistics was built and started to operate to meet demand.


With business collaborations, company expanded the scope of its services under supply chain and logistics management; start to import construction machinery, heavy vehicles and spare parts.

During 1990s considering the country’s political and economic conditions within international new restructuring, meeting socio economic essential needs were given priority. As one of the Iraq’s first importer group, with border and free trade, we mainly transport food, General Electric, Philips and Paşabahçe products to neighbors and nationwide. Sales, marketing, transportation, distribution network was built which is foundation of today’s current structure.


After new era began in the country, economic change and better trade conditions, with the demand of its foreign partnerships and domestic and international markets, company started to operate petroleum and derivative main and sub-segment products under active supply chain and logistics management in energy sector. With continuous improvement and development, the company installed distribution network infrastructure and operational services according to customer groups. In addition, the company started to sale, marketing, transportation, distribution and storage of lube oil and completed the construction of new storages with 10.000 ton capacity in 2002.

The first important partnership with a foreign company was realized in 2004. First agreement was Macro Distributorship agreement with one of the biggest international energy company British Petroleum and Castrol. After the agreement, in 2005, new close storage buildings were constructed and we increased capacity. Company continued its operations as the only Iraq Macro Distributor till the end of 2009, and sell, market, distribute, and transport BP Petroleum and Castrol products with supply chain and logistics management. In 2012 Deyari Group become Macro Distributor for Gazpromneft Lubricants in same year become Macro Distrubutor for Varta Auto Batteries also it was becoming Macro Distributor for Lukoil two years before. During this period Deyari Group established big fleet for delivery and dustribution. 10 trcuks deliver products from Mersin Port to Companies’ warehouses in Iraq. 3 trucks, 4 lorries, 10 small lorries, 25 cars, 10 forklift these all machines working to deliver products from our warehouses to customers’ sales points in definite time.

Production with Superfix Lubricants Engine Oil Brand

In 2007, with its Iraq Macro Distributor Agreement and active foreign partnerships Deyari Group has signed many important collaborations agreement. In line with this, Superfix Lubricants Engine Oil brand was created, thanks to existing collaborations, their trust on us and endless information sharing in the field of sustainability.

Starpet Iraq Macro Distributor Agreement

In 2008, we sign partnership agreement with Staroil Petroleum, which has 450 Starpet stations all over Turkey to supply and sell petroleum and its products, to manufacture lubricant oil and side products, wholesale of products refined with consistence oil, and fuel trade.

Iraq Macro Distributor of Oksello Lubricant and Grease Oil

Deyari Group has been be Iraq Macro Distributor of Oksello Brand lubricate oil and consistence oil since 2010. Oksello Brand Oil is produced in a facility belongs to Turkish Özçinarlar Petrol Ürünleri, which is built on a 27.000m² area with 95.000 ton capacity to meet demands of foreign and local consumers and produced properly in accordance with Middle East Countries standards.

Macro Distributor for Lukoil

It was becoming Macro Distributor for Lukoil in 2010

Macro Distrubutor for Varta Auto Batteries

In 2011, as Deyari Group become Macro Distrubutor for Varta Auto Batteries

Deyari Group become Macro Distributor for Gazpromneft Lubricants

In 2012 Deyari Group become Macro Distributor for Gazpromneft Lubricants

Deyari Enternasyonal Otomotiv San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.
In 2012 export branch for Middle East Region established in Mersin, Turkey. This brach export products to many countries in Middle East Region.

Iraq Macro Distributor Agreement with Royal Dutch Shell Mineral oil
In 2013 Deyari Group become Macro Distributor for Royal Dutch Shell Mineral oil

Deyari Syria Company
In 2016 Deyari Group established branch in Kamishli, Syria to distrubute products directly to the customer and this area.

Yuko Oil Macro Distributor
In 2017 Deyari Group become Macro Distributor for Yuko Lubricants

Roseneft Lubricants Distributor
In 2018 Deyari Group became distributor of Rosneft Lubricants in the Middle East and North Africa.

In 2019 Deyari Group Headquarters moved to Istanbul,Turkey.

Hyundai Lubricants Export Partner
In 2019 Deyari Group became export partner of Hyundai Lubricants in Gulf, Middle East and North Africa.