Aksoy Middle East Company

Royal Dutch Shell and Iraq Macro Distributor Agreement

In 2007, Deyari Group started commercial sales, marketing, transportation, distribution and storage of the Royal Dutch Shell products as well as operational services in Iraq market. In 2009, Enak Iraq Company was built with partnership of Aksoy Holding A.Ş. (Turcas Petrol A.Ş.’ main affiliate in fuel and lubricant oil with 51.6% share and with Aksoy Holding A.Ş that is 30% owner of Shell&Turcas)

Royal Dutch Shell products B2B Corporate Sales, and B2C Customer Sales were distributed to Iraq market with these 2 channels through Iraq Macro Distributor Agreement with Royal Dutch Shell Mineral oil in 2013.

Shell Mineral Oil is produced and developed to meet sector’s needs all around the world. Thanks to Shell and its experience in the sector, we try to provide the best service to our customers. Shell Mineral Oil is number one oil supplier with 70 years of innovation history.

Aksoy Middle East is part of Aksoy Holding and Deyari Group partnership Company.

Gazpromneft Lubricants and G-Energy Iraq Macro Distributor

Deyari Group started negotiations with Enak Iraq Company (which is a Aksoy Holding A.Ş. partnership company) extracting and refining of crude oil, and sell Gazpromneft Lubricants and Gazpromneft brand (produces and sells petroleum and its derivatives) started in 2011. As a result of negotiations, Iraq Distributor Agreement was signed and Aksoy Middle East Company was built with partnership of Aksoy Holding A.Ş.

In Iraq market, Deyari Group continues to sell, market, transport, distribute and storage Gazpromneft – Lubricants’ more than 300 lubricant oil products under supply chain and logistic service management with Aksoy Middle East. G-Energy as Iraq Macro Distributor Company supplies oil and grease oil from Russian and Italian facilities.

Gazpromneft is the fastest growing energy company operates in petroleum and gas field in Russia. Established in 1995. Company already is ranked among first 20 petroleum companies. Gazpromneft – Lubricants is one of the biggest hydrocarbon and energy firms and targets to become the leader company of Middle East. Gazpromneft Lubricant Oil with over 400.000 ton is one of the biggest oil producers.

Varta Iraq Macro Distributorship Agreement with Johnson Controls International

During 2000’s due to the increasing battery demand in Iraq, Deyari Group decided to expand its operations in battery sector with its established infrastructure, enhanced collaborations in automotive sector and dominated market with experience.

Deyari Group, in accordance with understanding of continuous reliable supply management, has started negotiations with world’s number one battery producer Johnson Controls International (JCI) regarding Varta brand batteries in 2011 with their partner Enak Iraq company (partnership was built with Aksoy Holding A.Ş. in 2009). As a result of this negotiation, Iraq Macro Distributor Agreement was signed for sale of Delphi brand batteries as well as Varta batteries.

After signing the agreement, Deyari Group continues to sell, market, transport, distribute and store Varta- world’s leader modern battery producer- batteries in Iraq along with supply chain and logistics services.