Deyari Factory

Deyari Group, due to the internal demand in Northern Iraq, decided to expand its service capacity and make an investment to produce Adblue products in 2012. After production decision, in line with other investment plans, company constructed Deyari Factory and started to manufacture Adblue Superfix brand in 2013.

Deyari Factory manufactures Adblue Superfix products in a factory built in 2.000 m² area with 500 ton monthly capacity.

After environmental pollution reach high levels and create serious threats, Adblue – SuperFix was produced with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology to reduce exhaust gas emissions due “Euro 4” and “Euro 5” regulations in Europe. Superfix –A dblue is a synthetic solution that converts toxic exhaust gases (nitrogen oxide) to water vapor and in noxious nitrogen. Adblue – Superfix can resolve in nature and water, it has no poison and color and used with SCR technology.