Trio Company

During 2000s, due to better economic and trade conditions in Northern Iraq area’s Deyari Group began negotiations with Lukoil Oil Company for the sale of Akpet brand products. After negotiations Iraq Macro Distributor Agreement was signed and Trio Company, meaning “yesterday, today, and tomorrow” was established.

Since 2008, we continue to sell, market, and transport, distribute and store one of the leader companies among private international petroleum and natural gas companies, Lukoil Oil Company Akpet Brand products along with our operational supply chain and logistic managements.

Triomax Battery Formation and Production

During 2000’s due to the increasing battery demand in Iraq, Deyari Group decided to expand its operations in battery sector with its established infrastructure, enhanced collaborations in automotive sector and dominated market with experience.

The group has signed Iraq Macro Distributor Agreement with one of the leader accumulator manufacturers Johnson Controls International for Varta, Delphi brands in 2011 within the principle of diversification and integration of its activities.

During this time, the company decided to manufacture its own brand within its vision framework.

Trio Company, in accordance with its experience and previous knowledge inherited from mentioned companies, decided to invest for accumulator production and created Triomax brand.