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Since 1980 We , as Deyarı Group, have been looking for strong and dynamic business partners to share our continuous success. Deyarı Group invites you to successful mutual cooperations in the fields of sales, distribution and wholesale.

Deyarı Group provides you with high-quality products manufactured by the best experts in the world using the high technology to provide high-quality products that gets customers satisfaction and let the car owners to choose the best oil. Besides, Deyari Group portfolio, brands and products enable our partners and dealers to compete in global markets strongly.


Gifts With Every Order

Deyari Group offers many gifts that enable you to win customer satisfaction with every purchase by the end customer.

Deyari Group Accredited Partner

Deyari Group provides an authorized dealer certificate that enables you to exclusively market Deyari Group products in your country.

Flexible Pricing Policy

Deyari Group provides flexible pricing policies in case of reaching a certain sales volume.

Advertising and Marketing Support in Your Country

Deyari Group provides an integrated advertising team that supports agents

Rewards and Incentives

Deyari Group offers many hooves, bonuses, and gifts around the agent’s work to expand its market and reach a certain sales volume.

Online Marketing and Exhibitions

Deyari Group has an e-marketing team that works to support partners in their countries and increase public awareness of the brand.

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